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Insurance Post: NBS awarded 5-star Employer

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13 July 2023

We are delighted to have been recognised as a 5-star Employer in the Insurance Post Best Insurance Employer List.

You can find why NBS we rated as the second highest rated small employer here

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Best Insurance Employer: NBS Underwriting

NBS Underwriting was the second highest-rated small employer in Insurance Post’s Best Insurance Employers 2023 list.

Steve Cowman, Managing Director of NBS Underwriting, shares how employee perspectives help to shape his organisation’s approach to environmental, social and governance initiatives.

Why do you think your employees recommend working for your company?

Our employees recommend working for our company because we provide an environment that promotes personal growth and achievement.

We have a positive company culture and work as one team, recognising the importance of every team member in our company’s growth and the delivery of excellent service to brokers.

With a range of benefits, a supportive culture and a focus on growth, NBS Underwriting is a great place to work.

How do you ensure that staff feel valued?

We ensure that our employees feel valued through various initiatives. We have an extensive wellbeing programme in place, including organised events and a wide range of health and wellbeing services.

We also provide opportunities for promotion, personal development and training to help employees either excel in their roles or aspire to new ones.

How does employee feedback affect ESG decision-making at your company?

Employee feedback is essential in our ESG decision-making process.

We value the input of our employees, and consider their feedback when making decisions related to sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance. Their perspectives help to shape our approach to ESG initiatives.

What impact is your diversity and inclusion work having on the make up and culture of the company?

Our diversity and inclusion work has had a positive impact on the make up and the culture of NBS.

We strive to create a workplace where people can be themselves and perform at their best. By fostering an inclusive environment, we have seen increased diversity among our employees, leading to a richer and more dynamic company culture.

What are your company values?

Our company values are defined by our NBS team charter, which outlines our culture and expected behaviours. At the core of our values is the commitment for every employee to be exceptional, honest, ambitious and visionary.

Our charter serves as a guide for all employees in ensuring that we consistently deliver on our overarching core value of “making brokers’ lives easy”.

How would you describe working at the company to a friend or family?

Working at our company can be described as a rewarding experience within a modern and forward-thinking employment environment. We encourage personal development, provide opportunities for diverse responsibilities, and value the wellbeing of our employees.

With a range of benefits, a supportive culture and a focus on growth, NBS Underwriting is a great place to work.

Make up of NBS Underwriting

  • Total number of staff: 78
  • Ratio of full-time to part-time employees: 70 full-time to eight flexible working
  • Average tenure of employees: Five years. The employee retention rate is above 95%
  • Male to female make-up of the executive team: The board consists of five men and one woman
  • Gender pay gap: Zero.
  • Ethnicity pay gap: Zero.

Benefits at NBS Underwriting

  • Company contribution to a personal pension scheme
  • Life and critical illness cover
  • Hybrid working arrangements
  • Funding and support for professional qualifications
  • Generous holiday entitlements
  • Wellness programme with organised events
  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
  • Free on-site parking
  • Annual charity/community day for volunteering
  • Employee discount scheme
  • Company events
  • Cycle to work scheme


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