NBS Underwriting Launches Commercial Combined Insurance

NBS Underwriting

9 April 2024

NBS Underwriting is excited to introduce its latest offering: Commercial Combined Insurance. This flexible product follows the successful acquisition of Capital Markets Underwriting (CMU) and represents a significant step in expanding NBS Underwriting’s product portfolio. It provides brokers with a flexible solution, backed by a service-oriented approach, and delivered by accessible and empowered underwriters.

Created to meet the diverse needs of businesses, Commercial Combined Insurance offers a seamless and efficient solution for NBS Underwriting’s brokers and their clients. Leveraging the acquisition of Capital Markets Underwriting, NBS has seamlessly integrated this product into its quotation system, ensuring a user-friendly experience for brokers.

Steve Cowman, Managing Director said: “After a successful pilot phase, we’re excited to launch our new Commercial Combined Insurance, which marks a significant step in our growth journey. This product reflects our deep commitment to providing exceptional coverage and service, specifically designed to make brokers’ lives easier. By enhancing the speed of our quotation process, we’re not only facilitating a smoother experience for brokers but also advancing our ambitious growth objectives and upholding our meticulous underwriting standards.”

Commercial Combined Insurance is managed by highly skilled underwriters with extensive knowledge and experience. These professionals have been acquired through strategic acquisitions, selective recruitment, and comprehensive training programs. Brokers can expect top-notch service and support, backed by a deep understanding of commercial combined insurance.

Our Commercial Combined Appetite

Our policy provides multiple sections of cover that can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of diverse businesses. With A-rated insurer capacity support, we provide cover for risks with premiums ranging from £2.5k to £25k, as well as those with fewer than 10 UK-based locations. Although we cater to a variety of industries and businesses, our focus is on providing quotations for established UK-domiciled businesses that feature standard construction and robust risk protections.

Our Commercial Combined product encompasses a broad array of trades, enabling us to offer quotations that cover a vast range of businesses. This spans from manufacturing sectors like metalworking and woodworking to wholesalers and suppliers, and extends to entities in the food, beverage, and leisure sectors, as well as those operating in marketing and media. This breadth of coverage ensures that we can provide customised quotations that align with the specific requirements of each business.

To learn more about our Commercial Combined product, please visit the Commercial Combined page on our website, or contact our underwriting team at 0333 032 5000 for assistance with any unique or challenging risks.


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