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Happy Birthday to us!

NBS Underwriting

9 September 2021

In September this year NBS Underwriting is 10.

It’s been quite the journey – from starting out as Nationwide Broker Services Ltd in 2001 as the wholesale arm of an established retail broker to our position now as one of the best MGAs in the country.

We’ve written over 175,000 policies.

We’ve worked with 950 brokers.

Plus we’ve developed and refined 42 products designed to meet the needs of our brokers across all the specialist markets we cover.

It’s been ten years of working hard so that our broker partners don’t need to and we are proud of the relationships we’ve built.

The last year has been a challenging one for us all and we have worked even harder to ensure we deliver the same high levels of service and the same high quality products, delivering high levels of capacity.

In the last year we have also renamed the business to reflect our role as an MGA and the services we now offer.

Thanks to our ever growing and hard working and dedicated team we are looking forward to the next 10 years – to working with more brokers and providing even more high quality products and policies that make your lives easy.