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It’s not really a rebrand

NBS Underwriting

9 March 2021

Nationwide Broker Services Ltd started in 2011, working as the wholesale arm of an established retail broker we provided wholesale business insurance products to the broker market offering cover for the majority of package/SME businesses.

Our business model was simple – ensuring the products were high quality, prices competitive with the speed and quality of service first class.

The proposition was popular with our customers and the business has grown from there.

We’ve been doing the same ever since.

What’s changed?

The name Nationwide Broker Services was chosen as it described exactly what we did when we started – deliver insurance placement services to the broker market.

Over the years our business model has developed into an out and out Managing General Agent (MGA). We offer cradle to grave capacity and binder management solutions.

A key part of our business is now the underwriting function we perform. We have invested heavily in industry leading underwriters, developed a quality training and development programme and can now manage capacity on behalf of insurers to ensure the best possible products for our brokers, while building unrivalled trust with our insurance partners.

So Nationwide Broker Services Ltd doesn’t really communicate what we now do. So, it’s time for a change

NBS Underwriting – a new era

We’ve changed our name to more accurately describe what we do now. Simple as that.

NBS Underwriting still provides the same quality range of A rated products, the same speed of services and the same competitive costs. That will never change.

Oh, we’ve also decided to update our website – but you’re here so you know that.