NBS Launches Excess of Loss Liability Insurance: A Tailored Solution for a Broad Spectrum of Trades

NBS Underwriting

26 January 2024

NBS Underwriting, an award-winning MGA specialising in delivering competitive and market-leading insurance solutions, proudly announces the launch of its Excess of Loss Liability Insurance. Strategically created to enrich NBS Underwriting’s extensive portfolio, this policy emphasises the commitment to providing brokers with a comprehensive suite of offerings. The Excess of Loss Liability Insurance empowers brokers with a dynamic tool, enabling them to deliver clients tailored coverage that extends beyond the limits of primary insurance policies allowing them to offer up to an additional £5 million of PL cover.


Key Features of the Excess of Loss Liability Product:

Versatile Coverage Across 140+ Trades: NBS’s Excess of Loss Liability Insurance is designed to cater for an extensive range of trades and businesses. With coverage spanning leisure, hospitality, warehousing, manufacturing, contracting, engineering, and more, it offers a comprehensive solution.

Tailored Protection for Every Business: From straightforward non-contracting businesses to high-risk contractors, the Excess of Loss PL product is crafted to meet the unique needs of each sector. This tailored approach ensures that businesses of all sizes and types receive the coverage they require.

Seamless Integration on NBS Quotation Platform: Brokers can effortlessly integrate the Excess of Loss product into their offerings through the NBS quotation platform, streamlining the process for quick and efficient access.

Supported by A Rated Capacity: With the backing of Allied World Assurance Company Ltd, an A-rated insurer, the Excess of Loss PL product ensures a robust layer of coverage and financial stability.


Steve Cowman, Managing Director of NBS, stated, “At NBS, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower brokers and safeguard businesses. The Excess of Loss Liability insurance underscores our dedication to providing tailored coverage in an ever-changing insurance landscape.”

NBS continues to be a trusted partner for brokers and clients alike, offering not just insurance but innovative solutions that adapt to the evolving needs of businesses.

For more information and to get a quote visit our Excess of Loss Liability page.

About NBS Underwriting:

NBS Underwriting is an award-winning MGA, specialising in providing competitive and market-leading insurance across commercial and personal lines. Our diverse portfolio encompasses sectors such as leisure, hospitality, retail, petrol stations, food, property, contractors, community, PI, and commercial combined insurance.


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