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NBS partner with Broker Insights to deliver greater options for brokers

Rachel Oldroyd

22 July 2021

At NBS we work hard to make our brokers’ lives easy.
We know the speed of obtaining quotations is the key to winning business, and that is why we are proud to announce that NBS have recently joined Broker Insights as a Platform Partner.

Broker Insights will work closely with NBS to enrich the market options available to brokers and help find the right solutions for specialised clients. Through their innovative platform, we will be able to efficiently distribute our competitive and market-leading insurance products to the right brokers, deliver consistent underwriting at pace, and forge strong partnerships with our customers.

Commenting on the announcement, Steve Cowman, managing director of NBS Underwriting, looks forward to taking advantage of the value Broker Insights can deliver to the business:

“We are delighted to join the Broker Insights panel as one of the first MGA partners. NBS is confident that with the help of the Broker Insights platform to surface our customer’s data, as well as the expert knowledge of their people, we can provide our customers with the best insurance products faster than ever before.

“Broker Insights is an exciting company that is changing the face of the commercial insurance industry. We are looking forward to working with Fraser Edmond and his team as they continue to innovate and expand.”

Having been underwriting for 10 years, we have established ourselves as experts in our specialist markets, which include pubs and hotels, cafes, takeaways, retail, restaurants and offices. Our inclusion within Broker Insights further increases our speed and engagement with broker enquiries.

Head of Insurer Relationships for Broker Insights, Alun McGeoghegan, believes that NBS will begin to see benefit from the platform’s ‘in-appetite’ quote flow feature almost immediately:

“As NBS specialises in key areas, the risk data they see within the Broker Insights platform only relates to matching key classes of business, and only for brokers with whom they hold an agency, helping to maintain focus on in-appetite, actionable risks. The platform’s focus is upon efficiency and enhancing the quality of engagement; this limited ‘matched-data’ view helps to deliver this efficiency with the click of a button.

“For NBS, this means greater visibility and understanding of the market, more efficient distribution and stronger relationships with their broker partners. For their broker partners, this means greater customer service, a better understanding of their business and more placement options.”

NBS Underwriting is keen to build on its market-leading position as an independent underwriting agency, and to explore new relationships with brokers with specialised business which matches our appetites. If you do not yet have an agency with us, please get in contact.