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NBS: Your Trusted Partner In The Digital Trading Evolution.

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30 June 2023

At NBS, we recognise the ever-evolving landscape of digital trading in insurance and the importance of meeting brokers’ needs. Following the publication of the Insurance Times eTrading five-star rating report and recent articles we wanted to assure brokers that we are fully embracing the digital trading evolution and will continue to deliver excellent service and solutions. We excel in service, products range, and platform capabilities, which were the key takeaways from the report. Here’s why we believe NBS is the ideal partner for brokers:


Service Model

We understand that excellent service is crucial to our broker partners. The report identified the key elements that define great service in the insurance industry. These include fast response times, availability of underwriters and live chat support, an easy-to-use system, personalised interactions, and document accuracy.

How we deliver:

  • Fast Response: We pride ourselves on delivering rapid quotations. Recently, we launched an updated underwriting structure that streamlines our approach further, allowing for faster quotes on straightforward risks. Simultaneously, our experienced underwriters are able to meticulously evaluate and underwrite more complex policy requirements. Learn more here.
  • Underwriter and Live Chat Availability: With over 50 skilled underwriters, we have a dedicated team empowered to find innovative solutions for brokers and their customers. Underwriters are readily available via online chat and phone during business hours. Our online chat facility has been embraced by brokers, with over 8,000 conversations handled in the last 12 months.
  • Easy-to-Use System: We embrace technology and have a state-of-the-art quoting system that ensures swift delivery. Unlike many other MGAs, we have invested heavily in understanding the markets we cover and have created comprehensive questions for all products. Communication with brokers is managed through the system, to ensure the process is easy and efficient.
  • Personal Interaction: While technology plays a vital role, we recognise the continued importance of personal contact with underwriters. In addition, we have expanded our team of Business Development Managers, enabling us to forge strong relationships with brokers and provide tailored support based on their individual needs.
  • Document Accuracy: All policies are built with care within our quotation system ensuring correct documents are issued with every policy. Our technical underwriting managers constantly review wording and documentation to ensure accuracy, providing brokers with peace of mind.


Products Range

NBS is dedicated to reacting to market conditions and finding the right solutions for brokers and their customers. We actively listen and conduct thorough research to remain abreast of industry developments, enabling us to deliver market-leading products, including our most recent products (professional indemnity, community enterprise, combined liability, and flood area home insurance). Click here for further information on our products.


Platform Capabilities

Recognising the significance of a seamless broker experience, we have developed a cutting-edge quoting system that prioritises ease of use. Our platform is designed with brokers in mind, ensuring a smooth and intuitive journey. Powered by SchemeServe, we have the freedom to build, design, and manage our own products, enabling us to deliver efficient and precise quotations tailored to brokers’ unique needs. Thanks to our carefully crafted question sets, a remarkable 15-20% of all quotes require no further adjustments from us, with an impressive 30% automatically transitioning to coverage.

We are dedicated to making brokers’ lives easier by being innovative, employing the best people, working with top insurers, and consistently striving for exceptional performance. The combination of our quality service, superior products, state-of-the-art technology, speedy quotation delivery, and extensive underwriting expertise sets us apart from the competition. The growth and success we have achieved are a testament to our unwavering commitment to our broker partners.