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Launch of our new Team Charter

Rachel Oldroyd

22 June 2022

Today at NBS Underwriting we have launched our team charter, which is another milestone in our continued development. Our team charter is underpinned by good behaviors and the commitment to be the best we can be and repeat again and again the things we do well. Consistency is vital and we may not always get things right, but we will never stop striving to improve and make sure we are better today than we were yesterday.

The NBS journey has been a positive growth story but it’s not one without hiccups, the main point is that we have learnt and evolved when we hit these barriers and worked hard to surpass them. Our absolute priority now is to repeat our consistency again and again and continue to be the best we can be.

Making Brokers’ lives easy is our core value, and we will not stop working to ensure this continues to happen, our team charter explains how we will ensure this.