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We interview another of the original NBS team

NBS Underwriting

24 September 2021

We have always understood the importance of our team in delivering high quality service to our broker partners. Without them we can’t do what we do.

We’ve invested heavily in growing the team and ensuring they have access to a world-class training programme. We honestly believe our people are the best in the business.

But on our 10th birthday we are speaking to some of the team who’ve been with us since the start to find out how the business has changed, how we’ve stayed the distance and what the future holds.

Today, in our second interview of the series, we talk to Rita Gray who has been with us since we started.

Why did you join NBS?

I was already working for the group when Steve asked me to join NBS as an underwriter. It was in the very early days and it seemed like an exciting opportunity plus the role suited my skills so I said yes. I joined the existing team of 3 and have never looked back.

What has kept you with the company for 10 years?

NBS started as a small, friendly and fun place to work, somewhere where I knew I could make a difference and I much prefer that sort of environment to a large, corporate company. I had already worked with my colleagues for a number of years – I love my underwriting work and the company of my colleagues – we are like a family.

How has your role changed?

I started as an underwriter, but like many of the team at NBS I have received the support and help I need to progress and am now a senior underwriter in the business. NBS is committed to training and developing team members so we can grow with the business.

How has the industry changed in that time?

The industry has become extremely competitive and very price driven – but we understand that and deliver against those needs daily.

How has NBS changed to meet the needs of brokers?

We listen to our broker partners and pride ourselves on delivering against their needs. We are flexible in our approach so it isn’t one size fits all either. We communicate well with our customers and see what we do as a partnership.

What does the future hold for you and NBS?

Growing and working with even more amazing broker partners.NBS is growing at a fast rate, when I started, we we’re a team of 4, we now have circa 50, I will be part of the future success of the business and will continue to support the team and or customers.

Would you like to join one of the best and fastest growing MGAs in the country? Get in touch at rita.gray@nbsunderwriting.co.uk