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We’re nothing without our people

NBS Underwriting

17 September 2021

We have always understood the importance of our team in delivering high quality service to our broker partners. Without them we can’t do what we do.

We’ve invested heavily in growing the team and ensuring they have access to a world-class training programme. We honestly believe our people are the best in the business.

But on our 10th birthday we are speaking to some of the team who’ve been with us since the start to find out how the business has changed, how we’ve stayed the distance and what the future holds.

First up is Rachel Oldroyd, our Schemes Operations Director. Rachel was one of our very first team members and is perfectly placed to talk about NBS as she there isn’t anything she hasn’t done for us in that time.

Why did you join NBS?

When Steve started NBS, I was working for another company in the group. Within a few weeks I started helping out in NBS providing assistance with the systems and even answering the phones! Within 3 months I was the first NBS full time employee. I’ve always known that direct sales isn’t for me so I thrived on the challenge that the underwriting environment has provided and love it as much today as I did then.

What has kept you with the company for 10 years?

Like any business NBS can be stressful, but we have always strived to create a welcoming and family-style environment so that sees you through the tougher times. I love my job and love NBS and am very proud of the business we have created.

How has your role changed?

I started life at NBS as an all-rounder, getting involved in underwriting, accounts and system development, alongside MI. Over the years I have covered every role within the company, so last year was invited to join the board as Schemes Operations Director. My focus now is around getting new products to market, making the customer journey for our broker partners as streamlined as possible and ensuring the day-to-day running of the business is as efficient as possible.

How has the industry changed in that time?

Overall I think that the industry has become more competitive and price driven. At the same time our sector of the market has become more technology focused to enable insurers and MGAs to cut costs. This is an advantage for us as we have always strived to excel in this area and based our business on it from the first day, so we are a step ahead when it comes to technology, service, speed and price.

How has NBS changed to meet the needs of brokers?

Throughout the life of NBS we have always tried to place the needs of our broker partners at the forefront of everything we do, to ensure that we are delivering the best service we can. As we have grown we have worked hard to ensure our service-led culture is instilled in new team members and remains just as important. We were praised on the way we worked through the pandemic and the way we communicated with all our broker partners throughout the Covid crisis, which is where many insurers fell down

What does the future hold for you and NBS?

I can only see my future being with NBS, as we continue to go from strength to strength each year. We now employ nearly 50 staff in both the UK and Republic of Ireland and our ambition is to continue this growth and strengthen the foundations of the company.

Would you like to join one of the best and fastest growing MGAs in the country? Get in touch at rachel.oldroyd@nbsunderwriting.co.uk